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Canadian Universities

Canadian Universities are amongst leaders in research and academia within the international community. Please find a brief list of some of Canada’s top Universities. For more information on these universities, please follow the link provided.

University of Toronto:

The University of Toronto offers Undergraduate, Graduate, Continuing Studies and English as a Second Language programs at their three campuses; Scarborough, Erindale and the historic St. George campus. It has federated with three smaller universities which are on the St. George campus, and is affiliated with several colleges and institutes. Furthermore, its faculty conducts research in many places in Canada and around the world. The UofT is Canada’s most important research institution and has gained an international reputation for its research.

Queen’s University:

One of Canada’s leading universities with an international reputation for scholarship, research, social purpose, spirit, and diversity. The Queen’s experience combines great teaching, people, and tradition on a campus with a global reputation in the heart of a vibrant community.

McGill University:

McGill University is one of Canada’s best-known institutions of higher learning and the country’s leading research-intensive University. With students coming to McGill from about 140 countries, its student body is the most internationally diverse of any medical-doctoral university in Canada.

University of Alberta:

With departments in Agriculture, the Arts, the School of Business, Education, Engineering, Law and the Sciences, the University of Alberta is growing and offers a flourishing environment for leaders in Canadian academia.

University of British Columbia:

UBC’s many innovative academic programs, combined with an international reputation for teaching and research, provide students with the knowledge, flexibility, and skills needed for the 21st century.

The University of Western Ontario:

Western is one of Canada’s oldest and best universities. The University of Western Ontario is a vibrant centre of learning with 1,307 full-time faculty members and approximately 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Through its 12 Faculties, and three affiliated Colleges, the University offers more than 400 different majors, minors and specializations. Research is an integral part of the University’s mission and external support for research projects totals nearly $221 million per year.

University of Montreal:

With over 55,000 students from around the world and some 10,000 employees, the Universite de Montreal awards close to 10,000 diplomas at every university level. Deeply rooted in Montreal and dedicated to its international mission, the Universite de Montreal is one of the top universities in the French-speaking world.

University of Ottawa:

Since 1848 the University of Ottawa has been Canada’s university. Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, the University has emerged as a vibrant “centre of learning”, with a total population including students, teaching and support staff – of 40,000. The largest bilingual university in North America, the University is a major player in the cultural and economic development of the National Capital Region.

York University:

Founded in 1959, York University is now Canada’s third largest university, and world-renowned for attracting students who forge their own unique paths. York offers full and part-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs to almost 50,000 students in 10 faculties.

University of Calgary:

Is one of Canada’s leading research universities, with a relentless pursuit of quality in their teaching and research programs which are guided by their mission to contribute to the well-being of the people of Alberta, Canada and the world.

McMaster University:

McMaster has innovative Undergraduate, Graduate or Continuing Education programs and is abundant in student services and facilities. McMaster is a full-service university, with well-established strengths in health care, engineering, business, social sciences, science, and humanities research and education. The University offers both students and professors exciting and unique opportunities for research, education, and collaboration. With a long-standing reputation as Canada’s “most innovative” university, McMaster has pioneered a number of programs that have changed how professors teach and students learn.