Immigration Consultation

Finding a job in Canada

Working in Canada may be very different than working in other countries in the world. In Canada, most people work either full time or part time to support themselves. When you first arrive in Canada you will have to seek employment and at first this may be a difficult task. If you are new to Canada, you can find out more information and get assistance from Human Resources Centres of Canada (HRCC). Human Resources Centre of Canada (HRCC) has specialists that help people find jobs. They can give you useful information/tips and a lists of jobs that are currently available. These counsellors will help you with your job hunt from finding a job to giving you tips on interview preparation.

Organizing Your Job Search

Finding a job is not particularly easy and it is especially difficult if you are new to a country. It is thus important that before you begin, you organize your job search. The most important thing is to first decide what kind of career path you would like to take and what jobs fit into this route. Keep in mind that if you narrow your search too much you may lose out on other great opportunities and it may take a very long time before you find a job. You must then prepare all the documents that you may require for instance, any degree or certifications that you have, letter of recommendations and your resume. You can then begin sending your resumes to jobs that have openings matching your criteria and skill set.

Writing a Resume

Once you have organized your job search, it is important to prepare a good resume. A resume or CV is a descriptive document that outlines your qualifications, experiences and skill sets. This document is often between 1-2 pages typed. In Canada, a job applicant is often first assessed through a resume. If you have difficulty preparing your resume, you can get help online or from a counsellor at an Human Resources Centre of Canada. There are also companies that specialize in resume writing that can help you for a fee. Once your resume is complete, you can then apply to jobs that have openings in your desired field of work.

Preparing for a Job Interview

It is important that once you are given an interview for a job that you prepare for it in advance. An important element of any professional interview is dress code. Remember that in Canada it is expected to go into an interview in business attire. It is also important to practice interviewing through mock sessions. This will help simulate the environment to help answer questions more appropriately and to also relax nerves at the time of interview.