Immigration Consultation


I can find all the information on the internet.

Yes, it is true that the internet offers a lot of information and you can find it all at your fingertips. So what do we do and why do you need an immigration consultant? As a consultant we provide details and recommendations based on your specific case. We assess all your criteria and your needs and make our suggestions based on these. Furthermore, very often, people may overlook certain aspects of the law that can severely hinder the immigration process. We use our expertise as well as many years of experience and previous similar cases to make suggestions for your process. Immigration law is constantly changing and cannot be fully comprehended without understanding the structure, context, and history of the law. It is difficult to view the changes in the law without understanding when and why it came into effect. We make it our responsibility to understand the law and the frequent changes so that we can make each case a success.

What does an Immigration Consultant do for me?

An immigration consultant facilitates the legal application process involved in moving to a new country. Our consultation involves the following steps:

  • Initial consultation (in-person, telephone or internet)

  • Assessment of your qualifications and your expectations

  • Recommendation of suitable categorical process or options

  • Presentation of estimated time-lines, cost analysis and potential outcomes

  • Processing of all application procedures and legal requirements

  • Interview preparation

  • Post-arrival assistance and guidance.

Who benefits from the Immigration Consultation?

Regardless of your immigration category, current status or immigration goal, discussions with an Immigration Consultant should be among the very first steps in your case. A thorough consultation will provide pertinent information regarding changes in the Canadian laws and will allow you to take advantage of available opportunities and complete your case as quickly as possible. A consultant can also provide you with a reasonable estimation of time-lines which will allow you to better prepare for this big change.

What are your Immigration Consultation fees?

Consultation fees, as well as application fees will depend on a case by case basis depending on your case and the complexity that is involved. Certain immigration processes not only take longer to complete but also involve a great deal of resources. During your initial consultation, a set cost will be discussed and a contract will be drafted. Most of our cases have a fixed contract rate that will cover all the processing until the day of your arrival to Canada. Post-arrival services are charged accordingly based on individual needs upon arrival. Our strategies promote the highest level of services at competitive prices.

How long does it take to process my case?

The processing time of an application depends on many factors such as the application that is submitted, the processing time at particular embassies or case processing centres. Canadian Immigration Canada provides an estimate time of processing and we base all our information on this information. Delays in processing can be the result of backlog or delay from the Canadian immigration authorities. You can see a list of past case processing's from different places in the world at the following web address:

Once I obtain my Immigrant Visa, how long is it valid?

An immigration visa will have the validity date stated right on it. Typically the standard duration is one year from the date of the medical exam or the date of acceptance. This issue date cannot be extended once it has been issued by the authorities. If a visa is not used within the valid time frame, applicants must then re-apply for immigration to Canada.

Is there a medical requirement for immigrating to Canada?

All your dependents (members of your family) whether accompanying you or not, must pass the medical examination. To pass the medical examination you must not have a condition that is a danger to public health or safety or would cause excessive demand on health or social services in Canada. Excessive demand on health or social services refers to the high costs that may be related to the care of those that are ill. The medical assessment considers whether hospital, medical, social or institutional care is needed and if an individuals certain condition affects employability or productivity.

Which of my family members must take a medical exam?

All of your dependents whether they will accompany you to Canada or not, must undergo a medical examination. Family members that are already permanent residents or Canadian citizens do NOT have to take this medical exam.

Can I have dual citizenship?

Yes. The current Citizenship Act allows Canadian citizens to acquire another nationality without losing their Canadian citizenship.

I am providing a lot of personal information. Is this confidential?

Yes. Rest assured that information you provide to us is held strictly confidential and will never be disclosed without your consent. We required all documents to be signed and authorization be provided for the sharing of your information. For instance, in order to correspond on your behalf with the government agencies, we ensure that we have your signature and approval to discuss your case.

How can I contact you and book the Immigration Consultation?

You can contact us for an initial consultation by phone, email or direct in-person appointment. You may also fill out a free online assessment form and we will reply to your request shortly.