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M. Shahid & Associates is dedicated to providing focused, case-by-case assistance to each and every one of our clients. In doing so, we have adopted a global strategy to allow face to face contact with our clients. Our focus has been the establishment of offices in various parts of the world to meet the needs of our clients. Currently we have established our offices in Toronto, Canada and Tehran, Iran to better serve the majority of our clients. Our future goals are to expand into other international cities such as Dubai, UAE. Our goal is to continually assess the needs of clients and work to better serve in this industry.

At M. Shahid & Associates, our focus is to establish partnerships that lead to a common goal. Our global presence gives us the ability to develop these strong partnerships with our clients, government agencies and many other associations that assist in the immigration process. We strive to offer excellent support, knowledge and the highest quality service throughout our different offices by maintaining our firm’s culture and values.

Post- Arrival Assistance

The feeling of closeness with our clients does not stop once they have landed in Canada. Many individuals and families benefit from our assistance when first arriving to a new land, using a new system, in a new language, and often within a very different culture. M. Shahid & Associates Co. is proud to offer a wide range of post-arrival assistance to our clients including help finding employment, schools, residence, language classes, and settling in. Understanding that such support is essential to assuring successfully establishment, we are happy to be there to assist you whenever you might need it.

Most consultants in the immigration industry end ties with their clients once PR visas have been granted. At M. Shahid & Associates, we feel a continued sense of responsibility and commitment to our clients, to whom we extend our assistance and warmth to, even when our contract has been complete. We use our firm’s highly established and recognized name as well as our staff’s extended networks to support you and your family with your various settling needs once you have arrived to Canada.

We provide you with contacts to professionals including lawyers, bankers and accountants for your personal and business needs. We may also introduce highly experienced real estate agents, who work to find property that matches your unique needs, be it a place of residence or investment opportunity, either prior to your arrival or once you have landed. M. Shahid & Associates Co. also works to ensure that your settlement in Canada is as smooth as possible; by making arrangements for you prior to your arrival. Many clients require assistance with enrolling into schools, registering for various cards, or finding residence. We also make easier your access to various governmental and community programs, which provide vast resources which may take the stress out of your first days in Canada, allowing them to become joyous memories!


M. Shahid & Associates recognizes the difficulties involved in the immigration process. Immigrating to Canada can be very complex and time consuming. It also involves understanding the legal requirements of a country that may be very different from the one that you are living in. Making the decision to immigrate to Canada is a significant step for those who may not be very well informed of the immigration process but as well for those that may have done their research. Many people understand the immigration process but lack the time and expertise to be able to complete the complex procedures. Our efforts are to provide the best knowledge and expertise to our clients. At M. Shahid & Associates we don’t only understand the law, we also understand people. We recognize that life is different and busy in other places in the world and we make every attempt possible to simplify the process.

The focus of our consulting business is YOU and our number one goal is to understand the need of our clients. We provide consultation through partnership. Our partnerships involve governments, agencies, financial institutions and most importantly our clients. Using the right Canadian immigration consultant can play an important role in facilitating your arrival to Canada.

Our consultation services are available via telephone or e-mail to address the individual complexities of case-specific situations concerning immigration and relocation to Canada.

If you are interested in contacting an Immigration Consultant at our office to discuss your case, please fill in the form on our home page by providing your personal contact information (including your telephone number) and specifying your situation. Our representatives will review your request and reply via email or telephone. Please be patient as our consultants view each case diligently and will deal with requests based on a first-come first-serve basis.

Our website has been created to help those seeking to live and work in Canada. On this website you will find information on living in Canada, a free assessment form, information on the different application categories, employment tips, and links to many government updates. You can also find answers to many frequently asked questions as well as our contact information to help you with any other questions that you may have.

Interview Preparation

Many immigration categories subject applicants to interviews, both to clarify matters in ones file as well as to establish ones intention and motives of immigrating to Canada. At M. Shahid & Associates Co., we understand the importance of these interviews and care about your success. We have therefore extended our services to best prepare you for this process, ensuring your enjoyment and success in each step of your immigration to Canada. M. Shahid & Associates Co is currently the only immigration firm which goes beyond its call to best prepare you using sample test questions as well as mock interviews to make the process as smooth as possible.

Depending on the needs of your particular case, M. Shahid & Associates Co. may arrange the following:

  • Consultation with lawyers, including full-day sessions with lawyers and leading individuals in your industry of choice

  • M. Shahid & Associates Co. arranges for tours in eastern and western Canada to help you become familiarized with your host community

  • We also send someone from our team of staff to be with you every step of the way

  • One member of our team may travel with you to your interview destination and accompany you in tours of industry attractions, provincial and community life.

  • Research and arrange for meetings with top leaders in industry of choice or various industries in order to help you select ones you may be interested in working with

  • Arrange for interpreters in your language of choice to be present at your interview